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Although accepting auctions and bids, is in alpha test, so no monetary transactions will be processed until further notice. Please use feedback to report any glitches you may find.

About Propagate Ltd

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The purpose of this site is to auction audio, video and software releases to the public, moving enough rights into the public domain that file-sharing becomes fair use. The Propagate Ltd auction is simultaneously somewhat competitive and co-operative. That means that low bids can be excluded, but many higher bids can still win together, assembling a much larger pile of money than any individual bidder might be able to pay. This cumulative affect is how we hope to pry rights loose to be released into the public domain.

Even better, the auction on a work can be initiated by either sellers or buyers. The familiar course is for copyright owners to offer their works and then for retailers and fans to bid on them. However, fans may take the initiative via the "product wanted" auction. As a registered user, you may enter your favorite CDs, DVDs, and software titles into our catalog, and then you and your fellow users may accumulate bids to try to attract the copyright owner... Please search first to avoid duplicating anything that others have already listed.

Liberating Digital Content

Propagate Ltd is a win-win solution to digital piracy. Bidders and copyright owners negotiate to release certain rights to the public domain for a price. If successful, the winning bidders get disks they can convert, copy, share and redistribute legally, and sellers get money while retaining other rights. Through the auction mechanism, the cost of the release is divided fairly among many buyers.

Why bid? Because you want to own an original, receive it sooner, and/or be listed with a high rank on the Propagate Ltd web site after an auction (disclosure optional).

The Release

When an auction completes successfully, Propagate Ltd guides the seller through a limited-edition release of individually numbered original copies of the specified product. The winning bidders then have first opportunity to legally rip, copy, and resell its content royalty-free with no strings attached. The product's detail page on the Propagate Ltd web site will subsequently list the top buyers who elect to be revealed. That page will also feature a zip-code search so that fans can find winning bidders near them who might now be selling copies.

Our Intended Clients
  • Sellers: Any digital audio, video and software copyright holder who would like to convert precarious royalty stream into a current lump sum

  • Retailers: Profit-seeking duplicators and redistributors, especially those who want to be known for supporting the arts.

  • End Users: Individual consumers and collectors who want originals, not generic copies.
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